UPDATE: Police seal off alleyway near Doncaster party street

Police incident in an alley off Silver Street, Doncaster
Police incident in an alley off Silver Street, Doncaster

Residents have called for action to be taken on a Doncaster Town Centre alleyway plagued by crime after police sealed it off again this morning.

Police sealed off the alley leading from Silver Street between Space and Graffiti bar in Doncaster Town Centre.

A police car and police tape were seen blocking the alleyway at Frances Street near the Odeon car park.

Police tape was removed around 8.15am today (Friday January 8).

Officers confirmed the alleyway had been sealed off in a bid to preserve evidence following an incident between two men who were known to each other.

However, the complainant later contacted police to say no crime had taken place.

The tape was removed and no further investigation will take place into the matter.

The incident has raised concerns about the alley that has been sealed off by police on numerous occasions over the last few years alone.

Incidents that have taken place in the alleyway in recent months include a rape and a mugging.

The area was also taped off following the murder of 24-year-old Lewis Siddall, a Doncaster teacher who died last summer after been assaulted in a Silver Street bar.

Shelley Carey posted on Facebook: “How many more deaths and rapes has to happen down there ??? It needs bricking up .. And flood lights putting up behind there!”

Leebec Wallett posted: “Always something bad happening in that alley way . brick it up”

Dutchak Joseph posted: “Yes this should be bricked up and forgotten about”.