UPDATE: Heartbroken Doncaster family in plea for return of puppy

Eight-week-old puppy Molly were stolen during a break-in at a property in Long Sandall.
Eight-week-old puppy Molly were stolen during a break-in at a property in Long Sandall.

After being reunited with one of their stolen puppies last night, a Doncaster family is now calling for the safe return of their other beloved pet pooch.

Following an appeal in the Free Press and on social media, Danielle Featherstone and her family were reunited with eight-week-old black Labrador Tammy yesterday.

A member of the public contacted Mrs Featherstone to reunite her with Tammy, after reportedly being sold the puppy from an unknown man in Stainforth.

The family are renewing their appeal for help to track down their other puppy - brown Labrador, Molly, who was stolen during a break-in at the family's Long Sandall home on Monday.

It reportedly took place between 9am and 3.10pm, when Mrs Featherstone returned to find the house 'completely trashed'.

Despite the fact that the burglars completely ransacked Mrs Featherstone's home, going through every box, cupboard and even her four-year-old daughter's knicker drawer, the only items taken by the thieves were her two Labrador puppies, Tammy and Molly and her son Ryan's tablet computer.

Mrs Featherstone says that eight-year-old Ryan, who has 'severe autism' and is unable to speak, has been left distressed by the break-in, during which her front door was 'kicked to bits'.

The 27-year-old continued by saying that Ryan used his tablet to communicate with the family - and cannot understand why he is unable to use the property's boarded-up front door and where their beloved eight-week-old puppies have gone.

She added: "We moved here from Armthorpe three weeks ago, because Ryan couldn't handle having neighbours so we wanted to move somewhere different.

"This was going to be our dream house and now it's all ruined. They've completely trashed the house.

"Ryan knows that when he comes home from school he can go and use the tablet which was always left in the same place, and he was really upset when he came home and it wasn't there.

"We can replace the tablet, as long as we can find one exactly the same make and colour that should be fine, but Ryan and all of us are really missing the puppies. Usually when we get home they start yapping as soon as they hear the car pull up but it was deadly quiet when we parked up and then we realised what had happened. Their crate was empty.

"I can't understand why anyone would do this. They didn't steal our television or other electrical items but stole the puppies and Ryan's tablet.

"If anyone can help we would really appreciate it. We just want to see them again."

Anyone with information is asked to call Mrs Featherstone on 07900 901530 or call South Yorkshire police on 101.

A fundraising page has also been set up to raise money to replace Ryan's tablet computer. To donate, please click here.

A Facebook group has been set up by members of the family in a bid to trace Molly. Click here to view the page.