Unique jet engine furniture with a high-flying past unveiled in Rotherham

The new Pegasus Table at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP).
The new Pegasus Table at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP).

Ambitious architects are flying high after they transformed part of an old jet engine into a striking piece of furniture which aims to celebrate the beauty of engineering.

Experts at Sheffield-based architecture practice OS31 took a low pressure compressor from a Rolls Royce Pegasus jet engine, which was removed from a Sea Harrier FA2, and turned it into bespoke table.

The stunning ‘Pegasus Table’ is now on display at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Catcliffe, Rotherham.

Tony Broomhead, founder of OS31, said: “The Pegasus engine was carefully studied, measured, and digitally reconstructed in 3D in order for a bespoke design to be developed around existing geometry.

“This technique allows for an efficient design process where each new machined component is unique to a specific engine fan.

“It combines end-of-life aircraft components with new machine cut elements to a unique design and help preserve British aviation heritage.”

Each of the 46 titanium blades have been polished to a mirror finish but minor dings and chips in the blades from flight were left in to retain the unique history and character of the engine fan.

Tony added: “This primary design intention was to display the beauty of the engine fan without altering or damaging the piece in any way.”

The core team who worked on the project included Tony, Matt Pearson and Ross Jordan.

The 100-acre AMP is a centre of excellence for engineering, research and manufacturing.