Tickhill road safety fears after three car pile up

A crash on Westgate, Tickhill. All three cars were written off.
A crash on Westgate, Tickhill. All three cars were written off.

Fears for the future of schoolchildren in a Doncaster village has been voiced by one concerned parent.

And after a three car pile-up in Tickhill, calls have been made for traffic calming measures and a crossing patrol.

But council chiefs have said there is a good safety record on this stretch of Westgate and there were no improvements planned.

The resident, who did not wish be to be named, said: “Three cars were written off in this accident black spot. This is one of many bad accidents here. The VW Golf was travelling into Tickhill from a Maltby direction. The Audi, which was parked up. was pushed into a parked Rover and wrote that off too.”

They explained that the people of Tickhill had recently asked for a lollipop crossing to be put in place to make the area safer, but the request was turned down by Doncaster Council.

Gill Gillies, Assistant Director of Environment, said: “Following this incident we undertook a thorough survey of Westgate and found that this location has a good long term safety record. A separate investigation by the South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership also showed generally good compliance with the 30mph speed limit. In order to give the greatest benefits to communities across Doncaster, traffic calming measures are targeted at areas with the worst problems. This situation is regularly reviewed and particular attention will be given to any emerging patterns appearing on Westgate.”

Dave Hamilton, Director of Adults, Health and Wellbeing, said Westgate did not meet the criteria for a school crossing patrol.

Councillor Barbra Hoyle said: “It is a concern for people that traffic comes through the village quickly, but I don’t think it’s worse on Westgate than any other major road in Tickhill.”