BREAKING NEWS: Gridlock in Doncaster town centre following ‘bus and taxi incident’

Traffic accident Trafford Way, Doncaster. Picture: Malcolm Billingham D0285MB
Traffic accident Trafford Way, Doncaster. Picture: Malcolm Billingham D0285MB

MOTORISTS travelling through Doncaster town centre are facing major rush-hour traffic delays this afternoon following a collision between a bus and a taxi.

The carriageway of Trafford Way towards the junction of Cleveland Street is blocked following an incident reportedly involving a bus and taxi.

Several police cars were called to the scene. Paramedics were also called to the incident.

A 95-year-old woman is believed to have suffered serious head injuries in the crash and been taken away in an ambulance - a woman and her baby are also thought to have been injured.

The taxi driver involved in the crash, who wouldn’t give his name, said that a bus had collided with the rear end of his taxi at about 2.45pm.

He said: “I’ve already asked police for the number of the lady who was injured. I’ve got a bit of damage to the car but making sure she’s OK is the main thing I’m worried about.”

Witness Sophie Rontree, 17, of Imperial Crescent, Town Moor, said: “I saw a bus and taxi crash. I saw a woman and baby taken away in an ambulance.”

The bus, a number 15 First service, is still parked up in Trafford Way. It is causing long tailbacks through the tunnel running under the Frenchgate Centre past St George’s Bridge, Church Way and up Wheatley Hall Road.

Traffic on the other carriageway heading towards the bridge and Church Way is travelling.

Police have introduced a contraflow system near the railway station in a bid to alleviate the gridlock.

They have scaled down their presence at the scene, and two lanes are now open to traffic.