Biker speaks of his ditch ordeal for the first time

A miracle motorcyclist who laid severely injured in a ditch for almost three days before being found alive has spoken out for the first time about his terrifying ordeal.

Anthony Margrave, 40, sparked a huge police when he went missing after setting off from his home near Thorne to test out his new motorcycle.

He crashed and tumbled into a 6ft-deep ditch during the accident on September 11. His cries for help went unheard but he couldn’t save himself due to the extent of his injuries and was forced to wait until he was found.

Incredibly, in the early hours of the third search day a small amount of debris was found at the side of a road by police officers, who launched a search of the immediate area.

Thankfully, Anthony was found alongside the busy A614 later the same day, between East Cowick and Thorne, lying in the water-filled ditch, conscious and breathing.

Lucky Anthony, who suffered hypothermia, dehydration and severe injuries including a fractured spine, has now spoken from Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital about how lucky he is to be alive - and how he hopes to be back home within six months.

“It’s a miracle how they ever found me,” he said.

“I have a spinal cord injury which means I am going to be in a wheelchair for quite a while but I am here and that’s the main thing.

“I couldn’t even move my arms at first, I’ve got a lot of movement back but it’s not brilliant. I still can’t bend my fingers but time will tell, I’m just taking every day as it comes.

“It could be six months or a year before I get out of hospital but I have been progressing really well so I am hoping for six months.”

It is thought Anthony collided with a metal signpost on the off-side of the carriageway and travelled approximately 200 metres further along the carriageway before coming to rest in the ditch.

Speaking after Anthony was found, sister Sharon, 42, said: “Relief isn’t the word, he went missing on the Tuesday night and he was found on Friday morning.

“When you think your brother’s dead, it’s an horrendous ordeal.

“It’s a miracle he was found alive, he doesn’t know what happened, he remembers heading towards the field and then the ditch. He couldn’t move to get to his phone.”

Anthony, who lives in Rawcliffe Bridge, spent Christmas in hospital.