Town booze patrols are hailed success

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POLICE on booze patrols have helped reduce antisocial behaviour in Doncaster town centre by almost a third.

In the last three months, joint patrols by police and Doncaster Council have seized a total of 24 litres of cider and 90 cans of lager from people drinking within the town’s ‘no drinking zone’.

The patrols were set up after residents and business owners raised concerns at the Partners and Communities Together meetings.

They pointed out there was an issue of nuisance behaviour linked with drinking in the town centre.

Since then, antisocial behaviour has reduced by 32 per cent in the area, when compared with the same period in 2011.

The town centre safer neighbourhood team also set up a voluntary scheme with local businesses known as the ‘One Can Ban’ which ensures that shops only sell cans and bottles of alcohol in multipacks, aiming to discourage street drinkers from begging in order to fund the purchase of single cans.

The town centre Pub Watch scheme has also contributed, which involves a meeting of licensees and police on a monthly basis.

Any drinkers who have displayed anti-social behaviour can be reported at this meeting, preventing them from entering any licensed premises, which are a part of the Pub Watch scheme.

There are currently 17 people on the Pub Watch banning list.

The Pub Watch scheme works in conjunction with the Antisocial Behaviour team, who coordinate activity with the courts regarding alcohol related offences, Drink Banning Orders and ASBOs.

Chief Insp Neil Thomas of Doncaster Police said: “This is a great example of the partnership work between South Yorkshire Police and Doncaster Council.

“We have worked together to create the opportunity for members of the public to raise concerns, through PACT meetings and we have then been able to act upon the issues that will make a difference to the community.”