Thrills and spills!

The Extreme Stunt Show will be visiting Doncaster this month.
The Extreme Stunt Show will be visiting Doncaster this month.

MIND-BLOWING rolls on BMXs, quad bikes and monster trucks are just part of the day job for those in The Extreme Stunt Show.

Commentator and resident stuntman Jez Avery can’t wait to wow the crowds with their own brand of mid-air madness when the tour calls at Doncaster Racecourse tonight.

“I started out in BMXs, them moved onto downhill mountain bikes and I now do stunts on a quad bike. Through my career, I keep moving onto bigger and faster machines to get the same rush,” he said.

“The nerves are still there though. I always make sure I have an early meal before the show as I do worry my food might come back up again.”

Jez’s terrifying act currently involves flipping a quad bike which is fitted with a special cage. He gets the crowd to countdown, then keeps talking right the way through as he flips the bike 360 degrees.

Also on offer during the show are the death-defying tricks of the Extreme Motocross Freestyle Team, as well as stunts from thrill-seeker Abby Baker, who shows the boys how its done with her own series of crashes, rollovers and breathtaking flips.

The show’s climax comes with the appearance of two mega monster trucks Extreme and Lil’ Devil - both recently featured on Channel Four’s Famous and Fearless.

Former BMX champion Jez, 43, added: “It’s a team effort and I get to commentate both during my stunts and everyone elses. It’s always great to build up a rapport with the crowd, which is especially good at established venues like the racecourse.

“I’ve seen young kids to teenagers to grand-parents come along to enjoy the show together. It’s an hour and 45 minutes of some truly amazing feats.”

For tickets or more information, call 07729 444395 or visit Extreme Events Europe The show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £12 for adults, £6 for children and £6 for OAPs.