Three Sheffield friends produce new fun story book


Three friends from Sheffield have joined forces to produce a new book which is suitable for both children and adults alike.

Tom and the Tram, published by The Central Tramway Company this month, is a nostalgic tale of one little boy and his pet mouse as he visits his grandparents at the seaside and travels on the tram for the first time.

The story captures the spirit of holidays in Scarborough and includes many recognisable sights from the Yorkshire town.

The book has been put together by Hannah Jones, Kerry Dunning and Amy Bartle who are friends who met when their children were babies in Sheffield.

Hannah is a primary school educator and advisor with 20 years experience working with children.

Kerry is a graphic designer and illustrator.

Amy is a yoga teacher in Sheffield.

They were inspired to write the story of Tom and the Tram by their own experiences of holidaying in Scarborough and visiting the Central Tramway, owned for the last 50 years by Amy’s family, the Purshouse family of South Yorkshire.

The publication is 36 pages of colourful illustrations which makes this a fun story for both children and adults alike.

The tramway will be celebrating the release of the book on Easter Monday with a book signing and promotion event with the authors.

Established in 1881, the Central Tramway Company is the oldest surviving tramway company in the UK and a proud part of Scarborough’s Victorian heritage.

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