Thought for the Week by Reverend Timothy Buckley

There’s a lovely chocolate cake waiting to be eaten for the first celebration. I shall be obliged to cheat!

There’s another birthday in March that is written in my wife’s diary every year. The entry simply says ‘Frogs’! Yes, at the beginning of March she gets very excited as the frogspawn turns into the real creatures.

I don’t share this fascination. However I pretend to listen to the daily report on the life of our pond as I eat my breakfast.

Pretend to listen? How rude! Sadly, it’s sometimes the same with God.

The whole purpose of Lent is to get closer to God.

I don’t think God holds it against us when we break our ‘given up’ promises, but we shouldn’t pretend to listen to Him.

God speaks to us through sermons, other people, regular reading of the Bible, prayer and in other ways too.

We cannot afford to pretend to listen.

If we listen properly, Lent will be a very special time.