Thought for the Week by Reverend Ian Walker

I WRITE this on the sixtieth anniversary of our Queen’s Accession. In the next few months there will be many celebrations culminating in the diamond jubilee holiday in early June when Epworth and the Isle will take their full part.

The Queen’s reign has seen immense change in our country and the world. Revolutions of all kinds have taken place and Britain today would seem unrecognisable to those who welcomed the young Queen home from Kenya at the start of her reign.

Throughout this time the Queen has been a constant presence in national life as our Head of State while other figures of authority have come and gone.

She has been described as a “still small voice of calm” in the midst of all this upheaval.

The Queen has thanked the people for their support over sixty years and she has rededicated herself to the service of the nation, a pledge she first made at the age of twenty one.

At a time when so many seem to put themselves first such dedication is admirable.

It is inspired by a very real Christian Faith which has helped our Queen to maintain her dedicated service through sixty momentous years.