Thought for the Week

Rev. Duncan MacBean.
Rev. Duncan MacBean.

WHILE waiting at the dentist the other day, I overheard a conversation where a man said he was not looking forward to Christmas because of all the stress associated with it.

His experience is really valid and quite common. Christmas has become all about giving to others, keeping a fragile peace in the family or coping with a sense of disappointment when presents or parties don’t work out quite as well as people had hoped.

This is rather a pity, because Christmas is originally about being given a gift of enormous value, rather than having pressure put on us to give.

The gift of love that God gave through Christ is rooted in grace – an undeserved gift, given with no obligation to pay for it.

Christmas is actually about receiving far more than it has ever been about giving.

In this case, blessed is it to receive, when the gift is God’s love.

On opening the gift, on us taking it as our own, we see the real beauty of Christmas. It is peace that passes understanding, love that knows no bounds. It is the gift that keeps giving, all our years through.

May your gifts speak of love, your peace be eternal and your shopping be delivered on time.