Thorne angler’s car goes up in flames

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A Doncaster man’s evening fishing session turned to disaster when he returned to his car and found it was ablaze.

The Peugeot 207 had been parked on Lock Lane, Thorne, last night when it caught fire just before 9pm.

The angler was too far away to see what was happening and by the time Thorne firefighters arrived the hatchback was just a burning shell.

“He had just come back from fishing in the canal to drive home when he saw what had happened. It’s a remote location and there wasn’t much we could do when we got there,” said a fire service spokesman.

“The car was so badly damaged we can’t say what caused the fire. It was a bit of a mess.”

•The same crew also went to Orchard Lane, Moorends, last night after a dumped settee is believed to have been set alight by local youths.