Thorne and Moorends wards to join for 2015 vote

Community event.
Community event.

Separate wards of Thorne and Moorends are to be reunited for the 2015 May elections following a landmark decision.

The Local Government Boundary Commission has published its recommendations for new wards in Doncaster MBC for next year’s elections, which follows an earlier decision to reduce the number of councillors to 54.

Despite alternative proposals the Commission has recommended the creation of a three member Thorne and Moorends Ward to replace the current split arrangements.

Its comments on Thorne and Moorends are: “Thorne-Moorends Town Council made a submission arguing that a three-member ward comprising the settlements of Thorne and Moorends reflected community identities and provided for good levels of electoral equality.

“The Members of Parliament for Doncaster argued that Thorne was a unique market town and as such would be best suited to a two-member ward, with Moorends included in a ward with parishes to its west.”

They added that having visited the area, they were persuaded by Thorne-Moorends Town Council’s submission. Council Leader Mark Houlbrook said “The council has received strong feedback from the local community that they want to see Thorne and Moorends back together as a single ward. It’s pleasing the Commission has responded to local interests and taken notice.”