Thieves break in to Doncaster cricket club

Bawtry Cricket Club suffered 1,000 worth of damage in the last break-in
Bawtry Cricket Club suffered 1,000 worth of damage in the last break-in

Officials at a Doncaster cricket club feared having to cancel home matches for half a season after vandals broke in for the fourth time in nine months.

Yobs broke into Bawtry Cricket Club in Great North Road, near Bawtry, last week.

Although they did not steal anything they caused a hole in the roof, which is set to cost around £1,000 to repair.

When the break-in was discovered on Thursday, club volunteers initially believed the thieves had disturbed asbestos ceiling tiles, releasing the potentially deadly fibres into the air.

Luckily, the tiles they had disturbed did not contain asbestos, but club chairman Richard Haslam said they still feel ‘very frustrated’ with the situation.

He said: “We’ve all got day jobs but go there to teach young players and help to develop them into senior players because we all enjoy sport.

“There’s nothing of any value that’s been taken, they’ve obviously come in because they want to take something or because they want to cause a bit of damage.

“We also had break-ins in November and December. They’ve come in through the roof and landed on a cupboard which means they don’t have far to fall.

“I’m no detective but it does sound like it could have been the same people who did this before.

“We’ve been lucky this time, because now we’ve fixed the roof we should be able to keep all of our home fixtures.

“But the last time this happened, in December, we had to close for three months. That affected the football team and not us.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman was unavailable as we went to press.