The Way We were in the Isle – Part 159

Colin Ella. Picture: Liz Mockler E0856LM
Colin Ella. Picture: Liz Mockler E0856LM

We do not eat like we used to 40 or 50 years ago.

Yes, we still love our fish and chips but you don’t hear so much about those regular one time favourites of yesterday - dishes like Irish stew, leek pie, rabbit and bacon pudding, jugged hare and the rest.

Best of all I recall the wonderful potato pie or ‘tater pie’ as we knew it. It was such a popular dish, but the famous Lancashire hotpot was a close rival.

Of course, the uses of the potato are legion and Indian and Oriental cuisine in general make far more use of it than we do.

Of all the dishes it featured in my favourite was ‘Tater pie’. We had it once a week and the aroma of spuds, meat and onions below that thick, lightly browned topping was irresistible and the taste was out of this world.

The meal was acceptable at any time of the year but especially on a cold winter’s day as it sent a warm glow into cold fingers and toes.

It was an economical preparation, ideal for a large family. It was hugely popular at get-togethers of all kinds, chapel dos, socials, club event and seasonal jollities. At Christmas it was frequently accompanied by pickled red cabbage but this was no favourite of mine!