The perfect his and her cars

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TWO of the most famous women in the world, the future Queen of Britain and the German Chancellor have one thing in common - they both have an Audi car and I have just been driving similar models writes Bryan Longworth.

The Duchess of Cambridge has a five door Audi A3 and Angela Merkel has a long wheelbase Audi A8 while the husband of the Duchess, Prince William the future King, also has an Audi.

And it is no secret that quite a few other members of the British Royal family have cars from the German manufacturer of premium cars who have just overtaken their bitter rivals at BMW by becoming the top German prestige manufacturer - Mercedes-Benz trail in third position.

I drove the cars at Walton Hall Hotel in Warwickshire a former stately home that was a favourite haunt before the Second World War of another well known member of the Royal family who enjoyed a different kind of good life.

Viewers of the news on TV will have seen Frau Merkel in her A8 numerous times recently during the Euro talks and heads of state from other countries can also be seen using the long wheelbase A8 as their personal transport.

For the big Audi has become the favourite car of many top people who at one time many years ago would have considered something like a Rolls-Royce.

Having driven and sat in the back of the A8 long wheelbase model where there is an impressive amount of leg room I can appreciate just why it has become a car for VIPs although many of them will have chauffeurs to do the driving.

I drove the A8 4.2 TDI Q SE Exec LWB with quattro four wheel drive costing nearly £80,000 which simply glided round the country roads and faster main roads of this attractive area fringing the Cotswolds.

It has a super smooth 4.2 diesel engine with an eight speed automatic gearbox that enables the owner or chauffeur to drive in a very sporting style if so desired and the A8 has impressive conservative styling that looks good especially at VIP events.

Audi could not tell me for security reasons which Audi the former Kate Middleton drives but I understand on very good authority it is one of the five door A3 models.

At Walton Hall I drove the very fast RS 3 five door Sportback with a 2.5 five cylinder turbocharged petrol engine costing nearly £45,000 which also has quattro four wheel drive that helps to provide it with stunning performance and handling.

I drove this model earlier in the year in the Swiss Alps where the original legendary Audi quattro made its debut some 30 years ago and it is not surprising it is on the shopping list of those who demand the best at this level of motoring.

My Verdict: Cars fit for a future queen and a chancellor.