The Lighter Side with Kate Mason

Kate Mason
Kate Mason

Clear-out silver lining means more room ... for new stuff!

With one in five households admitting to having enough clutter to fill a whole room, it seems we really are a nation of hoarders. But it was only when I received a call from my mum inquiring what she should do with a pile of my university notes that I realised how severe my own problem was.

Bearing in mind I graduated eight years ago and had clearly found no call for the notes until this point the answer should have been simple – just throw them away - but I found myself asking her to save them. As I sifted through reams of notes that had been gathering dust for the past decade I was reluctant to just get rid.

I remember the hours of frustration spent trying to artfully craft my essay entitled “Understanding The Media” so it seemed a shame to just throw it away even though I knew I’d probably never read it again.

The problem is, as much as I hate to admit it, it’s easy to get attached to these random inanimate objects. I know it was only an essay but it represented a moment in my life that I was keen to cling on to.

I’m the same when it comes to clothes. Every single inch of wardrobe space, every spare hanger and even the drawers under my bed are jam packed with garments, many of which I haven’t worn for a good few years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of these people you see on these documentaries who basically live like Stig of The Dump surrounded by stuff, but nevertheless it was time to take drastic action.

As I started trying to be ruthless with my wardrobe it reminded me of that scene from Sex and The City, the one where Carrie and Aidan are moving in together and he urges her to free up wardrobe space by ditching an old Roberto Cavalli number.

Fair enough this was a bargain basement version with a Topshop tank top playing the part of the haute couture creation but the principles were still the same. Why was it really such a wrench to throw away an old top that was faded and frankly had seen better days?

I knew in my heart that I’d never wear it again and it wasn’t exactly an heirloom that I imagined I would one day pass on so why not just get rid? So that was it. Before I had chance to change my mind I threw it into a bin liner.

This opened the flood gates and before I knew it I had a pile for the charity shop, a pile for the bin and I was on a roll. It was a tough task but the silver lining is I now have more space to fit new purchases.