The Lighter Side of Life with Kate Mason: Sick to death of trying to make a GP appointment

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We used to have a good relationship, we’d see each other on a semi regular basis and I could call whenever I wanted but now it’s like he doesn’t even know me.

I’m not talking about some long lost love I’m talking about my doctor.

I remember the good old days when an appointment was just a phone call away but now trying to get in is like trying to arrange a cuppa with the Queen.

Even my best poorly voice doesn’t do the trick anymore – why is it even if you’ve got a sprained ankle you have to talk like you’ve got a sore throat, coughing and spluttering trying to sound as pathetic as possible. Just me?

Anyway I used to turn on the tried and tested ‘I’m poorly voice’ and I was in but now it seems your leg literally needs to be hanging off or your heart on the verge of stopping before you’re considered worthy of an appointment.

Contacting the doctors has become a phone call I now dread making as I know it will just end in disappointment.

One of the main problems I find is speaking to the receptionist who has become a self appointed three headed Cerberus type character guarding the doctor’s door like entry to the Greek underworld.

I’m not saying I should be first in the queue and I’m not asking for preferential treatment.

But I called the other day only to be told I couldn’t even make an appointment for the following WEEK.

I’m told that I have to turn up at 8.30am on the dot and hang around the surgery only to risk rejection or continue to speak to Cerberus on a daily basis in the hope that I will secure a coveted slot.

As much as I’d love to spend all morning in a doctor’s surgery or stuck on the phone trying to exaggerate my ailments, I, like many of the others being made to wait have a full time job.

I don’t have the time to travel to the doctor’s only to face public rejection.

I started out wanting to make an appointment for a sprained wrist but at this point I’ll be admitted with sky high blood pressure after days of stress caused by the very people who are supposed to be making me better.

I get that GPs are under pressure but surely there has to be a better system in place.

The Government has set a 48-hour waiting time target for appointments but banning residents from booking advance appointments to try and keep up with this is a joke.