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Kate Mason

Chloe’s Big Brother win is a victory for ‘normal’ folk

When Andy Warhol came out with his prediction about everyone being famous for 15 minutes I bet he was laughed out of Studio 54.
But it seems the eccentric pop artist may have been on to something.

Chloe Wilburn celebrates winning during the Live Final of Big Brother: Photo: Ian West/PA Wire

Chloe Wilburn celebrates winning during the Live Final of Big Brother: Photo: Ian West/PA Wire

With reality TV continuing to dominate our screens, making ‘celebrities’ out of total obscurity, it actually seems Mr Warhol was bang on the money.

The problem is when it comes to reality TV personalities, success has traditionally favoured the bold, brash and overbearing.

But, my reality-TV loving friends, a landmark victory has signalled the dawning of a new era in the five minutes of fame game.

When Doncaster’s down-to-earth darling Chloe Wilburn was crowned Big Brother winner it was a victory for ‘normal’ folk everywhere.

She may have pitched herself as a chav with aspirations of moving to Benidorm in her VT but after 66 days in the infamous house she proved herself to be a genuine, kind and caring girl who was often happy to take a back seat.

Over recent years the fly on the wall show has become a breeding ground for eccentric game players eager for airtime at every opportunity in order to manufacture a showbiz career out of thin air but thanks to Chloe it seems the tables have finally turned.

Entertaining though it may have been over the years to see the pantomime villains and engineered couples play their parts with precision, I’ve had enough and it seems the adoring Big Brother voters have too.

When Big Brother first started it was the simplicity of having so many different personalities together in one dysfunctional house that was the charm.

There was no need for hair brain twists, unscheduled evictions and enforced starvation in order to manufacture entertainment.

It was enough to just let the housemates get on with it.

But Chloe has proved once again that simply being yourself is enough.

Asked by show host Emma Willis if she had worried being normal might not be enough, she said: “I felt a little bit talentless, a little bit out of place sometimes, and overshadowed.”

But I say well done Chloe for putting South Yorkshire on the map for the right reasons and for proving you don’t have to act like a pantomime dame to get votes.