The Frenchgate is doing its bit to help the jobless

Frenchgate Centre manager Amanda Phillips. Picture: Marie Caley D2672MC
Frenchgate Centre manager Amanda Phillips. Picture: Marie Caley D2672MC

The recent news that youth unemployment is at a ‘shocking’ level shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

With many businesses just starting to emerge from a rough patch, most of them are thinking about self-preservation. The unrest in the Euro Zone is also making employers much more cautious about what 2012 could bring, lowering employer confidence.

This has had a knock on effect in world of employment. The young people coming out of university are settling for the jobs A-Level students would have taken, A-Level students in turn are forced to take the jobs that GCSEs students would normally take and the students who leave school without their GCSEs are left with even further diminished options.

So how can these young adults gain employment when no one seems to be hiring? I believe in the saying ‘work breeds work’. Being in work is a good place to be, even if it isn’t exactly the line of work that you want to be in. It creates good habits and also keeps money coming in. You are almost putting yourself in the shop window if you like.

We took on a huge amount of ‘temporary’ Christmas staff and it has been known for stores to keep on permanently. This presents opportunities for people.You never know where it could lead and is certainly worth a shot.