Tenants invited to air views

BERNESLAI Homes, that acts for Barnsley Council covering the Dearne area, is inviting customers to a panel event to be held next week at Barnsley Metrodome. 

An update will be given on the Berneslai Challenge Panels. These were set up a year ago by the Barnsley Federation of Tenants and Residents to scrutinise the service that is provided by Berneslai Homes and to make sure the service tenants receive is the service they want.

The panel will review the local offers which were set up by customers last year, which include value for money, home, involvement and empowerment, and tenancy, neighbourhood and community.

An update will also be given on self financing and the offer Barnsley has been given by the Government.

Director of Business and Customer Service Dave Fullen said: ”Our Customer Panel is a great way of keeping customers in the loop on the latest developments to our service.  It also provides us with an opportunity to involve customers in the decision making process”.

If you would like to attend the panel at 6pm on December 7, contact Claire Hawley, Customer Panel and Federation Advisor, tel: 01226 240110 or email clairehawley@berneslaihomes.co.uk.