Swinton Councillor says resident’s’ concerns given priority despite cutbacks

Coun Stuart Sansome at the new Creighton Woods gates.
Coun Stuart Sansome at the new Creighton Woods gates.

Dearne Valley residents have had their wishes on service provision reflected in the latest Rotherham Council budget.

Swinton ward member, Stuart Sansome, said street cleaning and lighting and grass cutting would be improved in the coming year despite the authority having to make £23 million of cuts imposed by the Government.

He added: “The council has to make cuts but intends to do the best with the money it has. Residents’ priorities of grass cutting and more street lighting and street cleaning were highlighted at last year’s Area Assembly meeting held at Dearne Fire Station. We have tried to factor this into the budget.

“There have been millions of pounds taken out of the budget for this year and there will be millions more to save from next year’s budget so there are a lot of tough decisions ahead of us.”

He said that how the authority responds to £23 million of cuts and where money would be spent was the challenge for Rotherham Borough Council’s proposed budget for 2015 /16.

Proposed cuts across the borough include cutting the cost of councillors by more than £200,000 by reducing allowances and removal of the leader’s car, stopping the Imagination Library scheme to save £400,000 over two years, reduction in funding to City Learning Centres to save £200,000, reducing the number of buildings the Council owns to save £180,000.

Now in the fifth consecutive year of cuts the authority said it had listened to residents and had sought to minimise the impact on front line services where possible.