Street is identified as priority

A SINGLE road at Thurnscoe has been made the new priority area for the Dearne Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Residents at a Crime and Safety meeting in the village this week voted for police attention to be focused on Kingsway.

Gang presence, drinking, littering and verbal abuse are again making the street a no-go area, they claimed.

Night-time nuisance and vandalism are constant issues, with broken glass on both road and pavements, it was reported.

In one recent instance, red paint was thrown over a house, and a party that lasted for hours spilled out on to the street, creating nuisance.

But residents said they are afraid to report the culprits for fear of reprisals.

SNT tasking officer Allan Sneddon said all incidences must be reported, and anyone who is harassed must ring in, so that action can be taken. There is a necessity for the number of calls received by police to match the complaints that are raised at meetings.

There are still issues around the former priority area at Houghton Road and particularly at Park Court, where pensioners are plagued by teen gangs.

Residents of Houghton Road who attempted to report “sloshed kids with crates of booze” to a new police number were unable to get a response for some time, they said. Officers visited after an hour, once callers had accessed the right person to speak to.

There had been a further incident at the Memorial Park and several others involving youths. Seven youths have been banned from the Asda store on Houghton Road and three have signed ABC contracts, while nine have been handed anti-social behaviour warning letters.

The provision of a CCTV camera in the Houghton Road area has helped as a deterrent to some extent, it was reported.