Station tour for deaf students

SAFETY advice and information will be given to deaf students at Doncaster railway station today.

British Transport Police (BTP) and East Coast have teamed up to host the ‘welcome’ session for people from Doncaster College for the Deaf.

Staff will be offering guidance on how to get travel information and giving them a tour of station this afternoon.

Pc Kenda Bradbury said: “This is an excellent opportunity for both officers and students to meet each other.

“I hope we will be able to learn something from the students and it will also allow BTP to create an essential link with the local student community, making us more accessible and enabling our officers to communicate more effectively.

“The event will also give students a specific point of contact at BTP and the station to talk to and report any issues.”

Simon Pashley, East Coast Doncaster station manager, said: “We’re delighted to welcome the students to the station and look forward to showing them around.

“We hope the visit will reassure them that rail travel is both enjoyable and safe, with our station team and the British Transport Police on hand to provide help and advice if needed.”