Stainforth News

Thieves have struck again in Stanley Gardens. It was only last week that over a dozen hanging baskets were stolen from outside senior citizens bungalows, now the heartless thieves have stolen patio furniture and more hanging baskets at the weekend.

On a more pleasant note Ken and Julia Keegan have donated two picnic tables at another senior citizens estate, Victoria Close in Stainforth.

Stainforth Town Councillors got straight onto business at their recent meeting because the clerk had not received any correspondence from members of the public for public participation.

The Mayor of Stainforth Eddy Nesbitt read out the domestics in case of an emergency.

A council member asked the town councillors to consider the awarding of rewards leading to convictions providing information which leads to arrests in relation to local criminal activity.

No objection was raised to the erection of canopies and reline front and sides with brick at King George Apartments, Station Road.

Issue 3 of the Newsletter is under construction and will be delivered to householders in Stainforth.

The next town council meeting is on Tuesday, 20 September at 6.30pm.

St Mary’s Social Club film showings due to be shown on Friday, 29 July 29 in St Mary’s Community Centre, Field Road at 6.30pm. Entrance is free to members.

Lots is on offer for residents in Stainforth at various outlets/community centres. Bingo on Thursday and Saturday evenings.

The Tuesday Club meets in the Resource Centre on Church Road. The over-50’s meet there on Monday and Wednesday evenings for social evenings.

There is the Wednesday Friendly Club in the morning.

The five remaing pubs and clubs have various things happening including karaoke, ladies fundraising nights and bingo.

The Fun Day at Polton Close Community Centre, Stainforth will now take place today at 1pm. Various stalls and a mini fun auction will end the afternoon.


Dunsville Methodist Church, Greens Road.