Sporting exhibitions in North Lincolnshire

TWO new exhibitions will open on Saturday, March 10, at Scunthorpe’s 20-21 Visual Arts Centre to celebrate sport taking place across North Lincolnshire this summer.

Katherine Green’s ‘1948 Olympians’ exhibition will present photographic portraits of former athletes from the last London Games in their own homes.

Visitors can also listen to oral interviews with the athletes alongside the photographs.

The exhibition will illustrate how, recovering from war, competitors were not paid, trained on rations whilst working full-time and most had to hand sew their own kits.

Simon McKeown’s ‘Motion Disabled’ exhibition is an ongoing video artwork where he has created animated characters.

The Teeside University lecturer teaches computer animation techniques and he has used these methods to track and record the bodies of a series of adults with disabilities.

McKeown has created computer models of them, using the same techniques which Hollywood moviemakers use, to create animated characters from the movements of live actors.

He has also worked with Paralympic athletes to create new animations which will be added to the artwork.

Axholme North ward councillor John Briggs is NLC cabinet member for Asset and Estate Management, Sport, Leisure and Culture. He encouraged people to visit the sporting exhibitions. He added: “We also have lots of other activities and events taking place for the Cultural Olympiad that all the family to get involved in.”

Motion Disabled runs from March 10 to August 18 and 1948 Olympians will run to June 16.