Spend a million to revamp Thurnscoe

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A MILLION pounds sum is available to make Thurnscoe a better place - and villagers are being urged to help decide how it is spent!.

The Lottery cash came to Thurnscoe as one of 150 areas to benefit from a million pounds’ investment over 10 years.

Big Lottery have identified Thurnscoe as one of the 150 areas in the UK not having received its fair share of lottery money. Ideas for future projects are currently being developed.

A steering committee was formed by residents who meet regularly at the Hickleton Youth Project, but more views and ideas are wanted from the community, who have completely free rein over the cash.

Chairman of the project, Ian Ball, told the Times: “The money is real, it’s there to be spent and the decisions on how are being made by local people, not councillors, or big wigs in London Timbuktu!

“We have been given £20,000 to get people involved with roadshows and other events asking people how they see Thurnscoe in 10 or 20 years time.”

A Facebook group has been formed, and on October 17, Thurnscoe Big Local will host an event at the Coronation Club in Thurnscoe, to start at 6pm with a free buffet, and special guests.

Here villagers will have the opportunity to find out more about Big Local as well as give feedback and float ideas on how the community can make a difference.

Ian added: “We have put forward a management group and we have appointed an admin worker and a Community Development Worker, to bring things together where previously we only had volunteers

“There has been some negativity in the past from some people, but we are moving things forward.”

Ideas for projects have been put forward around the issues health, environment, transport and employment skills. One idea is a training project at a community allotment at Gooseacre allotments. Others could include setting up a community credit union in the village.

Anyone interested in the scheme can contact Ian Ball on 01709 894888, or Lorna Lewis on 01226 320100, the committee at thurnscoebiglocal@gmail.com or via facebook.