Special recruitment across South Yorkshire

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A recruitment drive is taking place to encourage more people to become ‘Specials’ in the area’s police force.

The Force aims to increase the number of Specials, improve police visibility across the region and recruit 650 new Specials by 2015.

Monday saw the first recruitment stall held at Doncaster Council’s Civic Building for members of the public and Doncaster Council staff to speak to officers about what being a Special entails.

Senior officers are approaching all major employers in South Yorkshire for their support with recruitment of their staff to become Specials.

Chf Cons David Crompton said: “In South Yorkshire we have the most dedicated and high performing group of Specials in the country. Furthermore, we use the Special Constabulary for a wider range of duties than almost any other force.

“So I would say to anyone who is interested in finding out what it is all about, to come and join us because it is not just about helping cut crime in the community, it is also about building upon your own skills and it is about enjoying the challenge of working in a totally new environment.”

Commissioner Shaun Wright said: “I am delighted to officially launch the recruitment of Special Constables, to support one of my election pledges and policing priorities, which is to improve visible policing.

“I encourage people from a wide variety of backgrounds and age groups to get involved and become Special Constables, to represent their neighbourhood and help shape the police and community services.”

Chf Officer Stephen Merrett said: “The Special Constabulary has never been better placed in its ability to assist in policing the communities within South Yorkshire.

“The training, development and the diversity in deployment of Special Constables makes the Special Constabulary a credible resource than can be relied upon.

“This unprecedented increase in the number of Special Constables will further enhance its capability.”

Doncaster mayor Ros Jones said: “Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, said: “Doncaster Council recognises the importance of Special Constables and is pleased to be part of the regional recruitment launch.

“We are committed to supporting staff who feel they have the skills and qualities to help make the streets of Doncaster safer and I urge anyone in the borough who thinks they could make a difference to find out more.”

Specials are volunteers who have the same powers as regular officers.

Special Constables have the same training as regular officers and they will each have their own mentor.

In addition to these recruitment stalls and visiting employers, South Yorkshire Police are attending colleges, school fairs, community events and summer fairs over the summer as well as providing information on the South Yorkshire Police website and through social media.

Potential applicants should be 18 to 65-years-old, be able to work a minimum of 16 hours a month and be living, working or studying in South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Police are asking for people from a wide variety of backgrounds and age groups to represent the South Yorkshire community.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Special please call 0114 2197000 or visit www.southyorks.police.uk