Speaker entertains Epworth Men’s Society

HUMOROUS epitaphs formed the basis of a light-hearted talk when members of the Epworth Men’s Society enjoyed their 54th annual dinner.

The recent event was held at Belton Park Pavilion and 50 members enjoyed the presence of guest speaker Colin Ella.

Mr Ella, a historian and publisher of eight books on the Isle, had gleaned numerous epitaphs from headstones throughout the world.

He said: “Many would simply not be acceptable in our time but most told the truth about who was buried there.

“They could be cruel, kind and even witty – like one found on the headstone of a snooker player ‘He’s Taken The Long Rest’ - but many were a lot harsher than that.”

Members also enjoyed a three course meal and free lager or bitter all night.

The next event is in November, a talk entitled ‘Secret Wireless World War Two’.

For more information on the society contact Ken Bickerstaff on 01427 872288.