South Yorkshire set for 'cold and snowy winter'

Snow warnings across the UK
Snow warnings across the UK

Long-range weather forecasters are predicting the UK will be in the grip of snow and ice for much of this coming winter.

Exacta Weather provides long-range forecasts and their latest predictions show that temperatures this winter will be below average.

The forecaster said changes in the Gulf Stream and low solar activity over the last year signal a harsh winter to come.

Exacta's current long-range forecast states: "There have been no improvements since we first reported on these changes, if anything the overall situation has worsened.

"This now means that those who like cold and snowy winters will not be disappointed this year, in particular, in the UK, Ireland and the north/east coast of the United States.

Last winter was the snowiest winter in South Yorkshire since the record-breaking winter of 2010/11.

In December 2010 38cm of level snow was recorded in Sheffield city centre - the most ever recorded in December and the most at any time since 1958.