South Yorkshire police car ‘reunited’ with its missing I

editorial image

A South Yorkshire Police patrol car emblazoned with a misspelling of the word police has now been reunited with its missing letter.

Chiefs had ordered a new fleet of Astra patrol cars decked out in the force’s emergency colours - but when one of the cars arrived the wording down the side of the vehicle read ‘polce’ rather than police.

Painters who made the gaffe by missing the I out were mocked as the image of the car began to circulate on social media.

And now, South Yorkshire police (SYP) have tweeted to confirm the vehicle has now been reunited with its I.

The tweet read: “‘i’ has been found safe and well in Ireland & now reunited with P,O,L,C & E. Thank you for your support. #needanitest”

SYP also posted a picture of the patrol car, which is now emblazoned with the correct spelling of the word police.