SLIDESHOW: Nudists set to descend on village near Doncaster for ‘Glaston-barey’ festival

Preparations are set to be stepped up in Wroot, near Doncaster, for one of the biggest naturist festivals in the country.

Tuesday, 12th May 2015, 6:49 pm
Angie Cox of Doncaster, a naturist farmer. Pic, Tom Maddick /

The Nudestock Festival, at Candy Farm, is set to go ahead in less than two weeks, with festival goers due to arrive on May 22.

Events at the festival will include barbecues, naked darts and nude yoga at a week-long event.

Long-time naturist Angie Cox, 34, is among the organisers of the festival which is hosted at her parents’ diary farm.

Angie Cox of Doncaster, a naturist farmer. Pic, Tom Maddick /

Angie says she is the one who encouraged the rest of the family to get back to nature.

She said: “Mum saw how much fun I had, and as time went by, she decided it to give it a try herself.

“When I was almost three, we went on a day trip to the seaside. It was a scorching hot day and when we came across a nudist beach.

“Mum said: ‘What do you think Colin?’ and he shrugged and said: ‘Let’s give it a go.’

“Before long, we were a naked family of four, tucking into our picnicwithout a care in the world. And from that day on, we became fully-fledged naturists.”

Colin, 63, and Carol, 59, signed up with the British Naturism group and when Angie was a teen she became a member of the youth section.

The couple and their children continued to enjoy the naturist lifestyle, going for nude swims and holidays across the UK with fellow nudists.

But it wasn’t until 2005 they hit on the idea of opening their own campsite for like-minded men and women.

Colin said: “We couldn’t leave the farm because of the cows needing milking, so we invited some naturists friends over to spend the weekend with us. That was when we thought we could open up our own site.”

Since then, the couple have received visitors from across the country, working in conjunction with national organisation British Naturism, which manages the site and festival, which first started six years ago.

Colin said: “It is always a good week and we can’t wait for this year’s event. We have great fun and everyone has a really relaxing time together. People often get the wrong idea of what naturism is all about.”

The couple and their children - son Tom and daughter Angie - will stage the festival at their Candy Farm home from May 22-29.

Angie said: “We were all born naked. Wearing clothes is like wearing a uniform - it says something about you and what you do.

“We are all the same underneath.

“When you take your clothes off, you don’t have people judging you. We all have bodies of different shapes and sizes but when you are a naturist, people don’t look at that. That’s the appeal of it.”

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