SLIDESHOW: Luddington Gala 2016

A larger than average attendance made Sunday’s Luddington Gala the most successful in years.

Dr James MacKinlay opened the event and his first duty was to oversee the coronation of new Gala Queen Olivia Lindley who succeeds Ella Poskitt. Guitar duo Domino supplied the soundtrack to the afternoon’s fun while Andy the Clown competed with Crowle’s Captain Carrot for the most striking costume.

Luddington Gala 2016.

Luddington Gala 2016.

The biggest relief for the new organising committee was the weather, last year’s gala would have convinced Noah to visit the timber yard but there wasn’t an umbrella in sight as popular residents Gordon and Lesley Slack took charge of the novelty races. Forwards, backwards, skipping, joined by a hoop, dribbling a tennis ball – if you could do it over fifty metres more quickly than anyone else, they’d give you a prize.

The six-a-side football competition was won by Brumby from Scunthorpe whose captain received the trophy from tournament organiser Steve Duffy while Mick and Lois Clark’s perennially popular golf, skittles and ball-rolling games provided the right combination of entertainment and competition.

Towards the end of the afternoon the hot dog and burger bar was eaten empty so the action moved to the beer tent which was also in danger of being cleaned out. It was a memorable day for all those involved and will be a tough act to follow on the last Sunday of July next year.