SLIDESHOW: Appeal to re-home dozens of stray dogs

The Free Press has launched an appeal asking our kind-hearted readers to give these stray dogs a home after they were left to fend themselves.

We have teamed up with animal welfare charities to launch our appeal after it was revealed that around 90 pooches were abandoned in the borough over Christmas.

Harvey, a ten year old cross breed is among the strays at the Mayflower Sanctuary.

Harvey, a ten year old cross breed is among the strays at the Mayflower Sanctuary.

Mount Pleasant kennels in Hampole took in 52 strays in December on behalf of Doncaster Council, Bawtry’s Mayflower Sanctuary rescued 15, and the RSPCA branch in Bawtry took in 26.

Alex Hearn, of the RSPCA in Bawtry, said the charity had been ‘inundated’ with abandoned dogs this Christmas.

She said: “I think it’s because of the recession. People can’t afford to keep their pets any more. We are full to capacity and have 40 people on the waiting list, so for every dog that gets adopted there’s one or two other dogs waiting to take its place.”

The kennel manager at Mayflower Dogs Sanctuary, Hannah Briggs, added: “We’ve had more dogs this Christmas than before. People need to think ‘Can I afford the vet bills, do I really have time to look after this dog?’.”

All the dogs pictured have been taken in by the Mayflower Sanctuary. They have been vaccinated and microchipped.

People interested in adopting one of the dogs cared for at the Mayflower Sanctuary should call 01302 01302 711330.

Here are the profiles of the featured dogs

Jack, 11, the Jack Russell, is being cared for after his owner dies on Christmas Eve.

Springer spaniels Tyler, nine, and Max, 10, are good natured dogs who have always been homed together, but would be able to be housed separately.

Terrier cross-breeds, Candy, nine, and Alfie, three, are mother and son and the sanctuary would like to see them adopted by the same person.

Three year-old Tilly and Milo, four, are Jack Russells who have been with the Mayflower Sanctuary for three months.

Five year old Red is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who has been with the sanctuary for a number of months.

Gorgeous Murphy is a three year old terrier-cross who has been without a permanent home for a year.

Rottweiler Kyla is seven years old and has a fantastic temperament. After a year without a permanent owner, she needs a new family.

Jenson is a five-year old Dalmation, who has been in and out of the Mayflower Sanctuary for the last few months.

Ten year old Harvey is a good natured cross-breed.

Morgan, two, is a Jack Russell-cross who was too energetic for her owner and needs a new owner with the time and energy to care for her.