Skydive for charity

FRIENDS and family members in Mexborough have completed a series of challenges to raise thousands of pounds for charity.

Sally Kelly, 31, and her partner Danny Brown, 40, of Auckland Road, finished five challenges to raise nearly £3000 for the Children with Cancer UK Charity.

Along the way, Sally’s nephew Nathan Davies, 18, dug in to finish three of the challenges and a number of friends have supported them along the way.

Under the nickname ‘Yorkshire Puddings’, the group has completed:-

*13 mile trek through the Lake District

*Abseil down Devil’s Gorge in Wales

*Paris Marathon

*Coast-to-coast cycle ride from Bridlington to Blackpool

*Sky dive from 13, 500ft.

All of the challenges have taken place within the last five months, with the skydive being the final one last week.

The jump was done by Sally and Danny, plus their friends Donald and Mark Brown, brothers from Sheffield.

They jumped from Beccles Airfield in Suffolk and spoke of their relief afterwards.

Sally said: “I am scared of heights so I thought it was terrifying.

“There was no way I was going to back out but I would never do it again.

“Your head can’t deal with what’s happening when you first jump out of the plane, its such a strange thing to do.

“But the best part was when the parachute opened.”

Danny said: “This was the fourth time I had done it so it was great and so exhilarating.

“I am so glad we did it.”