Sister sends out social-media warning to Doncaster parents after children approached by men in car


A post warning parents about an incident, during which two children in a Doncaster neighbourhood were approached by men in a car, is currently being circulated on social media.

The Facebook status, posted by someone with the username Sapphire Stuchbery New, claims that two young boys playing on a street in Bentley have been approached by two men in a blue metallic BMW this afternoon.

In the post, Sapphire urges people in the borough to be careful 'and watch your young ones and be careful walking about by yourself'.

She said: "Men in a blue metallic bmw has just pulled up near my brother and his friend playing on the street.

"They opened the door but then saw a car behind them and shot off!

"My parents live in the quiet part of Bentley so just want to warn people! I'm so relieved there was another car there otherwise God knows what would of happened!"

South Yorkshire Police have been contacted for more information.