Singer impresses Sir Tom

Emma Jade Garbutt appearing on BBC talent show The Voice.
Emma Jade Garbutt appearing on BBC talent show The Voice.

An aspiring country music singer from Doncaster is being mentored by Sir Tom Jones after impressing him on reality TV show The Voice.

Beauty consultant Emma Jade Garbutt, 18, of Dunsville was snapped up by the Welsh crooner after singing her country style rendition of Guns ‘N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine on the BBC show.

Emma who performed for judges Danny O’Donoghue, Jessie J and as well as Tom will now fight to stay in the contest in the battle round of the show.

It was second time lucky for Emma who had planned to audition for the show last year but let nerves get the better of her.

She said: “I got to Manchester to the auditions last year and I just bottled it, I couldn’t even go in so this year I was determined to try again.

“It was so surreal when I got through and I didn’t even really think about what I was doing singing in front of the judges. I was really nervous until about half way through I suddenly thought come on Emma you’re singing in front of Tom Jones, what are you doing sing, sing.

“Towards the end of the song you could kind of tell on my face I had accepted that no one was going to turn around and then when Tom turned around I was in shock, people who watched it were saying was that reaction real but it really was I didn’t know whether to cry or drop my guitar.

“I wanted Tom Jones from the start because he’s worked with so many amazing people, the first time I chatted to him after the show I was saying you’ve sang with Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis.

“He’s so sweet and really nice guy, he’s go so much knowledge. Since the show things have been crazy I never thought I’d be sitting having tea with Tom Jones, it’s been so surreal.

“Everyone has been getting in touch saying they can’t believe they didn’t know I was going to be on the show.” But the former Hungerhill pupil is not letting her new found fame go to her head and has still been returning to Doncaster to perform. Emma is set to perform another show at Central Park on May 19.