Singer Chris Rea in Doncaster supermarket web spoof

Chris Rea
Chris Rea

What do singer Chris Rea, a Doncaster supermarket and spoof news website have in common?

If you are scracthing your head for the connection, a news parody site on the internet may provide the answer.

For popular comic website The Daily Mash, which takes a sideways look at the news, kept readers chuckling this morning by announcing that the gravelly-voiced star, known for his festive song Driving Home For Christmas, had begun his journey home for the Yuletide season after supposedly announcing the news in a Doncaster supermarket.

According to the spoof site “The 63 year-old rock star made his announcement over the PA system in the Queensgate, Doncaster branch of Iceland, telling customers that after some initial hold-ups he had enjoyed a good run with the traffic lights and was now on the motorway making good progress.”

The story, a light-hearted dig at the star’s festive single about making it home in time for Christmas, also included ‘quotes’ from shoppers.

The spoof story was proving a hit on social media, racking up more than 1,400 shares on Facebook.