Sheffield casino launches 24 hour fundraising challenge

Grosvenor Casino Sheffield
Grosvenor Casino Sheffield

A Sheffield Casino is launching a twenty-four hour challenge to raise money and awareness for a major charity.

Grosvenor Casino Sheffield will host a variety of activities to raise money for Carers Trust on July 25, as part of their partnership with the charity.

The twenty-four hour fundraiser is aimed at highlighting the round-the-clock care provided by the nation’s seven million carers.

The initiative will raise funds for those unpaid carers who provide support to a friend or family member, who could not cope without the assistance.

Ian Turver, General Manager at Grosvenor Casino Sheffield, said: “We fully understand how vital it is to support those who dedicate so much of their time to care for another.

“We’re really hoping the people of Sheffield can come to show their support for such a great initiative and deserving charity.”

Dean Anderson, Director of Fundraising at Carers Trust, said: “We’re delighted that employees at Grosvenor Casino Sheffield are taking part in the 24/7 fundraising challenge again this year.”

As part of the fundraiser, the casino will have a raffle and a fiery ‘Hot Wings Challenge’.

Customers and staff alike can get involved by attempting to eat 24 spicy wings in the fastest time.

Raffle tickets cost £2 and entry to the food contest costs £10.