Sheffield award ceremony honours those who have contributed towards city's development

Celebrations held earlier this week to mark the running of the first successful year of Link FM's radio station were widely welcomed by everyone who has ever prayed that the advancement of technology does not kill the radio as a medium of entertainment and information.

Friday, 24th February 2017, 10:44 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 08:21 am

Link FM which broadcasts on 96.7FM and is an off shoot of the nationally recognised charity, The Pakistan Muslim Centre, Sheffield celebrated their first birthday by honouring their presenters and various service providers who have contributed towards the development of the city. 

A crowd of over three hundred people, comprising of presenters, members of the emergency services, councillors, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Deputy Lord Lieutenant Dr G Bloomer, Lord Nazir Ahmed and other dignitaries crammed the exquisite banqueting hall of the Arooj Restaurant on Attercliffe Road, Sheffield.

Over 60 volunteer presenters were honoured with trophies which were presented by the respective dignitaries. Link FM Community Recognition Awards were also awarded on the day to The St Luke’s Hospice, Sheffield City Council, The Northern General and the Children’s Hospital. South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service.The South Yorkshire Police Service. The Ambulance Service. BBC Radio Sheffield and Sheffield Train Station and The Star and Sheffield Telegraph.

Amongst the rich array of celebrities and distinguished personalities was a surprise performance by a local singer and presenter of Link FM. Mohammad Hafees who’s vocals majestically and professionally resemble those of the legendary singer, the late Muhammad Rafi placed a smile on all the guests faces.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation that was made for a special award for The Star and Sheffield Telegraph newspaper for their outstanding and unbiased reporting. Whilst presenting the prestigious award  to the exceptionally talented editor Nancy Fielder, Lord Nazir Ahmed complimented both Link FM and Sheffield Star on their plans to launch an initiative, “Know your neighbour “ which will encourage individuals to interact with one another more regularly.

Speaking about the success of the event, chairman and CEO Muhammad Ali said: “Today’s gathering is all about celebrating accomplishment and the success of Sheffield as city that is not only a city of sanctuary, but a city that is the home to various treasures. The emergency services, the teaching hospitals. BBC Radio Sheffield, the Star and Sheffield Telegraph. These organisations and so many like these have proven to be a lifeline to so many individuals. It’s a great honour for me to have overseen the first successful year of Link FM and also to share the success stories of Sheffield as a city. I want to congratulate everyone from the presenters to all those individuals who help keep the city moving.”

As the evening drew to a conclusion the one concept that became observable was the fact that despite years of the scaremongering about how the arrival of the television, the walkman, computers and spotify would kill the radio, the actual popularity for radio’s was and is growing day by day. The proliferation of radio stations on Sheffield airwaves, coupled with the success of the Link FM’s first anniversary dinner certainly cleared the air for all futurologists. The so called prophecy concerning the death of the radio was nothing more than a frail myth.