Seasonal changes don’t sit well

Our worst Christmas card, according to researchers.
Our worst Christmas card, according to researchers.

For me Christmas is all about family tradition but it seems not everyone is as nostalgic when it comes to turkey and tinsel.

Santa really has got his work cut out this year as it seems many Brits would rather have a takeaway than turkey and only half of us want to spend it with our family.

According to a poll by PaperShaker, while Christmas is the one time families should come together, only just over half of us (56 per cent) would spend it this way if we were given the choice.

Surprisingly five per cent would ideally spend Christmas day on their own! Bah humbug!

And whether it’s enjoyed with family, friends or on your tod, although the traditional roast turkey still comes out top as the Christmas dinner of choice one in 10 would be more content with a takeaway.

And only a quarter of the population want to listen to the Queen’s speech with 24 per cent hoping David Walliams could deliver it instead.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year - I’m one of those annoying people who at the age of 28 still demands to get up at 6am on Christmas morning and has been known to leave trimmings up until February - that’s how much I love it.

And whilst I don’t expect everyone to have the same level of enthusiasm this blatant disregard for festive traditions would make even Ebenezer Scrooge look like Kris Kringle.

These seasonal statistics have left me wondering what the hell has happened to Christmas spirit - Buddy the Elf would be furious.

It’s like all these modern nativity productions they do at school these days featuring all manner of weird and wonderful characters from lobsters to Simon Cowell look-a-likes - who I’m not sure were all present at the birth of baby Jesus.

What’s wrong with sticking a tea towel on your head and re-enacting the traditional tale?

Even the humble Christmas card has undergone a radical make-over as it seems no one is interested in Father Christmas climbing down a chimney. Instead, the Great British Bake Off’s Mary Berry and Bruce Forsyth came close to topping the poll of people you would like to feature on the sentimental seasonal card. Meanwhile Kim Kardashian and Pippa Middleton’s posteriors may regularly be stealing the headlines, but there’s no Christmas cheer in the rear as they came at the bottom of the pile.

I realise times change and certain tweaks like upgrading the 70s inspired cheap festive foil decorations are a welcome touch, but certain Christmas traditions should be honoured.