Search for South Yorkshire’s least romantic partner

Heart love symbol
Heart love symbol

As we approach Valentine’s Day, Monarch reports a 75 per cent year on year increase in flights this February to the romantic city of Venice, with other destinations, such as Rome also proving popular. However, while love may be in the air for many, some long-suffering partners know that they can forget about big romantic gestures this Valentine’s Day, because their other half simply hasn’t got a clue. Monarch is therefore on the hunt for the least romantic partner as the airline looks to spread the love this February.

Husbands who can’t remember anniversaries, girlfriends who would rather be out shopping or partners who think a kitchen mop is a thoughtful gift: Monarch wants to hear all about them.

The person with the poorest track record when it comes to romance will be given the chance to redeem themselves by whisking their other half off on a ‘Rome-antic’ getaway with a free pair of return flights* on Monarch’s scheduled network to one of Italy’s most famous cities of love – Rome or Venice.

So just how unromantic are you? Monarch want to know your Valentine’s horror stories, tragic gifts or lack of romantic gestures.

Simply share your stories on the Monarch blog at between 4 and 12 February and Monarch could help you earn some valuable brownie points with your beloved and give you that much needed push of passion.

The competition opened today (Wednesday February 4) and closes on Thursday February 12.

Entries accepted via the Monarch blog at