Schoolboy hailed a hero after bike crash in Auckley

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Four children and an adult have been hurt – one seriously – after a collision with an off-road motorbike in Doncaster.

The 21-year-old bike rider, who suffered serious leg injuries, remained in hospital yesterday following the crash on Elm Road, Auckley.

Eleven-year-old Lewis Robson, a pupil at Hayfield School needed hospital treatment after suffering bruised legs and arms, a bang to the head and a sprained knee in Friday’s collision, at about 6.10pm.

Two boys, aged seven and eight, and nine-year-old Holly Roberts also needed hospital treatment for minor injuries.

Lewis, who is now on crutches after the incident, said: “I was out playing with my friends and heard the bike coming around the corner and saw it hit the lampost, that’s all I remember.

“Lots of my friends have been coming to see me and ask me about it. I didn’t think something like this would happen to me.”

Wayne and Marie, Lewis’ parents, said the came out of their home – yards from the crash scene – to see Lewis laying on the ground.

Mrs Robson said: “I heard a noise and went to the door and saw the bike wrapped around the lampost.

“I ran out and saw Lewis on the floor screaming. I was in utter shock.

“It’s terrifying to see your child being strapped to a spinal board and carried away.”

Mr and Mrs Robson have hailed their son a hero after protecting the other children behind him.

Mrs Robson said: “I keep telling him he’s a hero because of where he was stood he protected the other smaller children behind him.

“If he hadn’t have been there I’m sure one of them could’ve been killed. It’s just a miracle no one was killed.”

Sean Cooke, Holly’s stepdad, said: “We’re just lucky it wasn’t any worse, she‘s got a black knee and was quite traumatised and upset by it.”

n Anyone who may have witnessed the collision, or the rider prior to the collision, is asked to call police on 101.