Sceptical Susan is now a believer

Susan Lawrence attempts to cure Kate's fear of heights with hypnotherapy. Picture: Marie Caley DONC-D2179MC
Susan Lawrence attempts to cure Kate's fear of heights with hypnotherapy. Picture: Marie Caley DONC-D2179MC

IN an attempt to cure her fear of heights, Kate Mason turned to hypnotherapy - and it wasn’t what she expected.

Clinging from the side of a cliff on summer camp during a rock climbing excursion, it quickly became apparent that I was not a fan of heights.

And although the dislike didn’t initially hold me back the older I got the more it manifested.

So when I stumbled across hypnotherapist Susan Lawrence who claimed to be able to cure fears I thought I would give it a go.

Walking to her Doncaster office I was a bit sceptical - but I wasn’t the only one. Susan told me before she made the decision to become a hypnotherapist she was also a non-believer.

Susan, who had been in the nursing profession until a spine operation forced a career change, initially had her sights set on a law career.

She said: “I was doing a law degree but it didn’t really flick my switch. Being a nurse you have to be very compassionate and I wanted to be in a position to help people again.”

But it wasn’t until Susan booked her husband Peter hypnotherapy classes for his birthday that, by default, she found her new path after taking up the offer of a free trial.

Susan, 46, of Piece of Minds, has not looked back since she completed her training around a year ago and has become one of the first in the country to achieve a new national standard of excellence for her work.

So safe in that knowledge it was time for me to put her skills to the test.

Susan instantly put me at ease with her warm, friendly manner. That is until she presented me with a series of photos showing a hotel on the edge of a cliff.

Lying on the bed with ear phones on and soothing music, Susan went through a series of exercises. From transferring my fear into stones to visualising myself on top of a tall building, the whole process was soothing.

Susan said: “Some people expect you to go into some kind of trance but that’s not the case, it’s nothing like Paul McKenna would have you believe.”

After about an hour the session was over and as I was pleasantly surprised.

So when I got home I peered over the sheer drop at the top of my landing that used to fill me with dread and low and behold I felt fine.

while I can’t see myself embarking on hot air balloon excursions any time soon, it’s certainly made shopping on the top floor a lot more pleasurable.

Contact Susan on 07943 728 851 visit or e-mail her