Rotherham super slimmer sheds half her body weight

Wendy Haigh and her pet dog Harry.
Wendy Haigh and her pet dog Harry.

A dog owner who piled on the pounds has shed almost half her body weight so she can enjoy long walks again with her pet pooch.

Wendy Haigh ballooned in weight to 15st 8lbs after she had to move back into her family home to look after her frail, elderly parents Olga and Ted.

Wendy Haigh after.

Wendy Haigh after.

When the 53-year-old started to struggle with walking her pet dog Harry she knew she had to make a change.

And in just six months the super slimmer has shed nearly seven stone and now boasts a slimline weight of 8st 11lbs.

The Parkgate woman also now enjoys bracing ten mile walks with her beloved Jack Russell terrier Harry.

She said: “Like most I’ve yo-yoed with my weight going up more than it went down. As I felt my weight go up I felt my self-esteem go down and I became more and more depressed.

Wendy Haigh before.

Wendy Haigh before.

“Living at home to take care of my elderly parents I tended to eat a lot of fast food for convenience.”

But since her weight loss, she feels like a new person.

“I have more energy, and find that I can walk up to 10 miles a day with ease.

“I’m also more flexible and no longer struggle bending over to pick things up, tie my shoelaces and am able to do more at home and work.”

Wendy joined weight loss programme LighterLife in January and attended weekly sessions in Mexborough and Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire.

She swapped bread and fried food for shakes, porridge and soups.

Wendy also received support from counsellor Dawn Sheppard in looking at the psychological aspects of her relationship with food to help her understand why she had a problem with overeating.

By July she had reached her goal of shedding nearly half of her body weight.

She said: “Not only have I lost weight but my fitness levels have increased massively. I’m pretty sure I’ve grown a couple of inches taller since I’ve lost weight. “I’m a lot more social, have made a lot more friends and people treat me a lot nicer than they ever did before. I have been able to start living the kind of life I wanted to lead for the first time in 30 years.”