Roof appeal gets more donations

GIFT aid from the Inland Revenue has boosted the ongoing campaign to repair the roof at Misterton’s All Saints’ Church.

Volunteers at the church have been organising dozens of community events after lead thieves targeted the building eight times in as many years.

This left the church with a repair bill for £33,308 - and facing the possibility of closure - but the ‘fighting fund’ now stands at an impressive £24,000.

The £1,301 from the Inland Revenue has come from donations which were gift aided to the appeal and a new alarm system has been installed.

Volunteer Jan Moffett explained Bassetlaw District Council has approved the use of Terne Coated stainless steel on the south side of the church roof.

She added: “The north side has now been repaired, thanks to all the wonderful donations received, but the south side is still in a bad state and the appeal team is trying to raise the remaining £9,308 as quickly as possible.”

Upcoming events include a ‘promises and voucher auction’ on Saturday, March 17, and on Sunday, March 25, Jane will run the Lincoln 10K Road Race in a bid to raise more funds.

She added: “It’s a big ask as I haven’t run in a race for almost four years and even then I came in last!”

Anyone who would like to sponsor Jane should call her on 07798 747234, e-mail or drop in to the Misterton Centre.