Robot wars returns

Robot Wars
Robot Wars

Get ready for some carnage, as Robot Wars comes to the Dome this week.

The successful BBC2 show may have long since left our television screens but Roaming Robots are taking their creations on the road and are bringing them to the Dome on October 27 for one night only.

Show organiser, John Findlay worked on the Robot Wars TV show for four years, and says this live show packs in everything a robot enthusiast could want.

He said: “It’s a fantastic two hour long family show that gives people the chance to see robots fighting live, instead of seeing it on a computer or television.”

Who knows exactly what it was about Robot Wars that pricked the nation’s consciousness to make it such a big hit? Perhaps it was the combination of weird and wonderful competitor robots submitted by members of the public, mixed with cutting commentary by presenters like Doncaster-born Jeremy Clarkson or Craig Charles.

Or maybe it was the enjoyment of seeing robots, which took months of blood, sweat and tears to build, spectacularly destroyed in seconds - if they weren’t pushed into the pit of oblivion that is.

Either way, the Robot Wars tour brings with it most of the most popular elements of the television series, such as robot favourites Matilda, Ripper, Dantomika and the chance to see robots battle and possibly get spun into the air by the arena flipper.

Not only that but audience members will also be invited to take part in their own robot wars, on a fleet of have-a-go robots known as “Battle Ratz”.

The Dome will host two shows on Sunday, one at 12pm and one at 3.30pm, both of which last for two hours. For more details, or to book please call the Dome on 01302 303959 or visit