Riding instructor to give talk to The Axholme Bridleways Association

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A riding instructor concerned with the promotion of safe cycling, rambling and dog walking across the Isle will give a talk on her passion next week.

Natalie Roberts has lived in the region for six years and spends as much of her leisure time as possible in the countryside, regularly using the bridelpath, byways and public highways.

She is due to speak to members of The Axholme Bridleways Association at their meeting on Monday, July 25, at The Old School Inn, explaining her vision for animal lovers and cyclists working alongside motorists to ensure a safe environment for all.

She said: “I want to try to get everyone to understand each other a little bit better so everyone can enjoy their outdoor pursuits without conflict. I am also wanting to help motorists and horse riders to understand each other a little better to make riding and driving on our country roads a safer experience for everyone.”