Review: Rumplestiltskin

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Doncaster Civic Theatre Logo

The Panto Company, Civic Theatre, April, 2012

PANTO time? Oh yes it is!

But don’t worry, although snow has been in the air these past few weeks, we haven’t rolled back the clock to December for the usual festive feast of thigh-slapping, men dressed as women, women dressed as men and cries of “It’s behind you!”

That said, this production of the classic fairytale (the one about the girl who has to spin straw into gold in case you’d forgotten) contained all of the above elements for a rip-roaring, colourful cavalcade of fun that certainly had the junior audience in raptures for the best part of two hours.

They say variety is the spice of life - and this production had everything you’d expect. Jokes to make you wince, big song and dance numbers, a little touch of adult humour, local references and contemporary references (GoCompare and Justin Bieber, among others) to keep the smiles coming from the audience ankle-biters.

A nice touch was the cast being on hand to greet people as they arrived, continuing the fun and games up and down the aisles until curtain up with slapstick routines and even bits and bobs during the interval and photo shoots afterwards.

Do The Panto Company have what it takes to keep the kids entertained for the afternoon? Oh yes they do!

* Darren Burke